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Davey and daughter Jana on a rented Harley motorcycle

Meet Davey #4

Davey #4

For all who have been asking, this is my daughter Molly.

Scott her brother is the one holding her.

Davey and all the little Daveys, plus Pete and Christine thank you for your continued support of A/V Davey.

May all your customers be as good to you as you have been to us.

David Katz What Ponytail?

Some people still ask me, "Where's your hair?" Like I don't have any? Oh, you mean that hair. Truth is, I grew it to donate to the "Locks of Love Foundation." This organization makes wigs for children who cannot grow their own hair.

I saw their effort on 20/20 back when I had long hair. It took me quite a while to reach the minimum 10" length they require. One hot day in July I had my 10" and that was that. The rest is crew cut history.

Approximate date that you joined A/V Davey:

May 1989
Favorite All-Time Movie: Full Metal Jacket
Hobbies: Aircraft, cars, bikes-- big toys for boyz
Last Book Read: The Full Metal Jacket Diary By Matthew Modine
Thing that you hate most about yourself: MY BIG NOSE
Favorite Band: TOO MANY TO LIST as favs, but if I have to choose a few...Ramones, Pixies, Throwing Muses, Frank Black
What kind of car (or motorcycle) do you drive? Mitsubishi VANS!! I drive an 89 passenger and an 1988 cargo (my first has over 350K miles. My tow truck, my 65 Riviera (when its running) AND my military 1999 MT500 Harley. Lately its my 05 black Xterra and my 05 Harley Heritage deluxe. My next dream is a tour bus type coach!

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