5 Star Services
A/V Davey Audio Visuals is committed to providing you with the best in audio visual services and equipment. To assist you with every possible audio visual need, we offer 5 Star Services including equipment installation, video production, equipment, service and repairs, and rental and staging. With over twenty years of combined experience, our A/V-ators are capable of doing anything (well almost anything).
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Meet the staff
Meet the staff Meet the staff, Pete, Christine and Davey!
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Non-Profit Organizations
If you're a church, school or a non-profit organization, you'll find A/V Davey's affordable price packages and quick turnaround incomparable!
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Bargain Basement
WOW! Davey's Dealin' on Everything!
To keep the inventory current,
Davey will sell anything he has.
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Fly Zanny Davey's P-51D
Have fun with Zanny Davey  
Homestar Runner
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